Lucas Swimming Lessons

After having the first years void of swimming and water play due to ear grommets Luca is now in his 3rd term of swimming lessons and loving it! Hes very confident and enjoys under water swimming too!


Boys Weekend Away

This last weekend, Papa & Me went to Taupo together to look at a yacht to buy.  We stayed at a motel and went to Mt Ruapehu to see the snow. It was very cold and windy but we got to make a small snowman and throw snowballs.

It was a good weekend just me and Papa. The girls stayed at home.

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Early Risers

Today Papa & Me went for a drive early to watch the sun rise at Te Mata Peak. It was very foggy and a bit cloudy so we didnt see the sun but got some nice photos anway.

Peak Sunrise

Chinese Lanterns

After watching his friends Andrew, Lucy & Sky in Taiwan light their Lanterns during a festival (on youtube) I bought some from a vendor on trademe and did a test flight last night.


Gym Class

I have been going to a gymnastic class on saturdays and really enjoying it. I walk on planks and jump into big pits made of sponge rubber. Oh yeah!, I just had a haircut. A bit short I think but when I woke up my hair looked like a birds nest so it had to be cut!