Taikura Lantern Festival 2014

Classes 1 & 2 celebrated Matariki at school with a play by the teachers, a lantern festival and a camp fire day where they cooked soup and camp fire “twisty bread”





matariki 2014

First Day at School

On monday 3rd February 2014, I started school at Rudolf Steiner in Hastings. Mummy gave me (and Nina .. shes starting kindy soon) a zuckertute (trumpet full of goodies)




A Very Special Letter!

Some Super-Heros ARE real ! Luca just adores Sir David Attenborough and his videos and a while back sent him a picture he’d drawn.  Today arrived a hand written letter thanking him from the man himself..  unbelievable !!

Click on the photo to read the letter:



Luca’s Birthday Party

Today we had a dual party for Nina & Luca’s birthdays. Nina turning 1 and Luca, 4 years old.

 We had lots of friends and family around and Uncle Michael brought his bouncy castle which all the kids enjoyed. Last night we had a trial camp in our back yard to see if Luca liked sleeping in a tent. Silke also stayed in the tent (but didnt really get much sleep).


November Catch-up

How time flies by! So many photos since our last post.. here is a catch up!